An ethical production agency.

We know the phenomenal power of film to convey messages, influence opinion and affect change. We understand our responsibility to ensure that our services are not used for unethical purposes such as discrimination, immoral and manipulative marketing and extremist propaganda. Wherever possible we will use our skills and services to promote our values and ethics and support organisations that share them. Because its nice to be nice.

We’re on a mission to be a truly ethical production agency.

At little ginger we believe that all organisations have a responsibility to understand how their actions effect society and the world we live in. That basic morality must never be traded for financial gain and that it should be a basic goal for everyone to leave the world in a better state than we found it.

In 2018 our resolution is to put our ethical code at the heart of our business and hold ourselves to the highest standards.  Our ethical code will evolve over time as the world we live in does and we shall publish it here as a set of commandments that you, our clients can hold us to account with.

Our ethical policy is built on these 4 pillars:

Ethical clients

Ethical clients

We will not knowingly provide our services to anyone that conflicts with our Ethical Policy.

Ethical business

Ethical business

We behave ethically in business, including in our relationships with suppliers and competitors.

Ethical services

Ethical services

We seek to offer film and video production services and products that reflect our values and ethics.

Ethical campaigning

Ethical campaigning

We campaign for social and economic change in line with our values and ethics.


Our ethical goals and commitments:

Honesty, Transparency and Kindness

We ensure we’re honest and transparent in how we do business and engage externally and generally act with kindness in everything we do.

Human rights and equality

We support the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and highlight situations that infringe them.

Economic and social development

We seek to promote economic and social development both in developing countries and at home, including through support for charities and social enterprises.

Environment and animal welfare

We seek to minimise our impact on the environment and support organisations and charities with the same goals.


To our knowledge we will not provide our services to any business, organisation, government or individual that:


Fails to uphold basic human rights within its sphere of influence.

Fails to implement basic labour rights as set out in the Fundamental UN ILO Conventions, e.g. avoidance of child labour, or that actively oppose the rights of workers to freedom of association, e.g. in a trade union.

Impedes access to basic human necessities, e.g. safe drinking water or vital medicines.

Engages in irresponsible marketing practices, e.g. in regard to tobacco products and manufacture.

Manufactures or transfers indiscriminate weapons (e.g. cluster bombs and depleted uranium munitions), torture equipment or other equipment that is used in violation of human rights, or armaments supplied to oppressive regimes.

Has links to an oppressive regime that is a continuing cause for concern.

Advocates discrimination and incitement to hatred.

Whose core business focusses on irresponsible gambling as defined by legislation.

Whose core business is the provision of payday loans.

Whose core business contributes to global climate change, via the extraction of fossil fuels (oil, coal, gas and shale gas), with an extension to the distribution of those fuels that have a higher global warming impact (e.g. tar sands and certain biofuels).

Whose core business is the manufacture of chemicals that are persistent in the environment, bio-accumulative in nature or linked to long term health concerns.

Whose core business is the unsustainable harvest of natural resources, including timber and fish.

Develops genetically modified organisms where there is evidence of uncontrolled release into the environment, negative impacts on developing countries, or patenting e.g. of indigenous knowledge.

Whose activities significantly contribute to the degradation of endangered animal species’ habitats.

Are involved in animal testing of cosmetic or household products or they’re ingredients, intensive farming methods e.g. caged egg production, blood sports (e.g. the use of animals or birds in sport to catch, fight or kill each other)or the fur trade.


*little ginger have been assisted in the formation of our initial ethical policy by The Co-operative group.

Supporting those that work for positive change

We will work with charities, not for profits and individuals who seek to make our world a better place by offering our services for no profit to promote and further their causes in line with our ethical policy.