Cooking up a storm with Lee Chau Le!

London food ninja and head Chef at Chunky Buddha, Lee Chau Le shows us how to make simple pan asian cuisine with a modern twist in this cookery and lifestyle marketing piece produced by little ginger.

With Cooking up a Storm we aimed to produce more than just a run-of-the-mill web cookery segment, but instead something which engages from a lifestyle point of view in the same way as a glossy magazine.

Paying special attention to stylisation we created a film which functions as a great piece of brand advertising while also providing useful and watchable content for viewers.


lifestyle scene from Cooking up a Storm


The piece was shot in cinema quality 4K enabling ultimate flexibility in post-production and distribution. We made extensive use of advanced techniques and equipment such as gimbals, dolly tracking shots and high frame rate (slow mo) to create an overall sense of high production value.


Filming in Chinatown


Lee was born in New York to Vietnamese and Chinese parents where he spent his early childhood before moving to London and immersing himself in its melting pot of cultures and cuisines.  He brings all of these influences into his cooking with his ‘pan-asian with a twist’ style food served by his Chunky Budda street food stalls and private catering services.


Bo Luck Lac (Shaking Beef) cooked by Lee Chau Le


We should have the finished piece up here very soon so stay tuned!

Special thanks to SeeWoo oriental supermarket in SOHO for allowing us to film in their amazing store.