Cost vs Experience

With corporate and commercial production budgets falling, record numbers of film school graduates eager to work for experience, low cost technology making film production seemingly more accessible than ever, is there a future for traditional production companies and experienced high rate film makers?

The temptation to hire the kid with no experience but plenty of enthusiasm, a smart looking camera and a rock bottom rate must be strong for a lot of clients.

I have nothing against young graduates and new film makers of course!  I was one once, it was hard!  At little ginger they make up a good portion of our regular team not only gaining experience themselves but also providing a fresh energy in what we do.   The company honestly relies on them for so much.

Nothing however compares to the experience, insight, creative network and resources available to established film makers and production companies like little ginger and others.   Those who’s business is built on forming deep and long term relationships with the companies, brands and agencies that they serve.  That make it their mission to understand the message just as well (some might say more so) than most that work at the client company.  And bring the best custom fit team to every project.

If you care about your message then you need to hire people who don’t just know how to make a pretty film but make it their business to ensure everything they do for you tells your story, not just as professional courtesy but because they are genuinely passionate story tellers!

We obsess over the details; ‘is the wording correct there?, does his shirt tell the right story of the brand?, is the lighting contrast in this scene indicative of a cat thats working in the tech industry?, would someone who looks like that really be eating potatoes?’  are just some of the questions we’ve thought about recently.

Often its when things don’t go to plan that priceless experience (or lack of) becomes apparent.  Its great to be able to film a nice shot but equally important in this high stakes game is knowing what to do or who to call at midnight on a Saturday shoot when someones just spilt their cola into your camera.   That is when lack of experience becomes a true false economy.

So when your planning your next piece of essential film content make sure you contact an experienced production company.  We’ll hire the bright young things for you, and let them work alongside some of the most experienced in the industry.  In the end, everyone is a winner!


little ginger was delighted to be commissioned to film WACL’s Gather 2015 event.

The event hosted business leaders, entrepreneurs, journalists, commentators, academics, all under one roof sharing honest tips and practical support to help more women become the leaders of tomorrow.

little ginger employed remote camera technology to film the event discreetly while a mobile edit suite and editor allowed us to fulfil WACL’s requirement for a ‘best bits’ reel to be edited through the day with extremely tight turnaround and shown at the end of the event.

Women in Advertising and Communications, London (WACL) has been in existence since 1923. It currently consists of 150 of the most senior women from the fields of advertising and communications, marketing, media and associated trade bodies.


Still image from LinkedIn event video production


Kings Place was the setting for this years ConnectIn event in London.  Put on by LinkedIn the event brings together top talent acquisition professionals to learn from today’s challenges — and inspire tomorrow’s solutions.

little ginger was happy to provide extensive video coverage and live web stream production for the event.  Utilising 3 remote control cameras allowed us to capture proceedings in broadcast quality HD while remaining completlety discreet and not distracting the live audience.  This was then streamed live internationally.

the production team were exceptional. They worked with us all the way to ensure everything was 100% and that there would be no errors on the day. We received the stream recordings the day after the event and they had kindly formatted them in the way that we had requested. I would definitely work with the team again and have recommended them to my other marketing colleagues in London’

Cliona Moulton – Associate Marketing Manager – LinkedIn

IAB Mobile Advertising Event London, Video Production

mobile engage 2015

Once again little ginger is proud to have been called upon by the iab to film this years Mobile Engage,  One of the largest mobile orientated events in the advertising industry calendar.

This year we enhanced our production with 3 cameras and graphics recording in the main hall while a fourth camera captured events in a breakout space.

IAB Mobile Engage 2015: The Connected Future stepped up a level – taking delegates on a journey of discovery by showcasing the art of the possible across devices and gave marketers insights on how to leverage mobile, including what to expect from the Internet of Things

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IAB engage 2014 London Logo, Event Video Production

iab engage 2014

little ginger recently had the pleasure of providing live video and film production services for the Internet Advertising Bureau on their annual engage event.


“Over a thousand delegates packed out The Barbican on 15 October to celebrate the IAB’s tenth Engage conference. With lasers, a techno remix of ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’ by The Carpenters and an appearance by The Hoff, it truly was a show to behold.


Having worked on various events with the iab in the past it was an honour to be tasked with providing live event coverage, big screen relay and back stage interviews for engage 2014, the premier event for the online advertising industry.


This years presentations included amongst others:


  • Guy Phillipson, CEO, IAB
  • David-Michel Davies, Chief Executive, Webby Media Group
  • Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP & Richard Eyre CBE, Chairman, IAB UK
  • Eileen Naughton, Managing Director, UK & Ireland Operations, Google
  • James Whittaker, Distinguished Technical Evangelist, Microsoft
  • Steve Hatch, Regional Director for the UK & Ireland, Facebook
  • David Shing, Digital Prophet, AOL
  • And of course the mighty Hoff.



Multi-Skilled Film Maker, Don McVey and Creative Producer & Film Maker Matthew Dove were dispatched alongside other members of the team to produce online video material from the event.


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