• The R&A

    Boys Amateur Golf Championships

    We produced a series of short videos over the course of a week at the R&A Boys Amateur Championships on behalf of PPL.

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  • stunning food series with Lee Chau Le

    Cooking up a Storm!

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  • Arthouse horror

    Soul Song

    Frustrated with her eternal role taking departed souls to their final resting place, Death heads for the land of the living and falls in love with horrifying consequences

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  • we're proud to be the preferred supplier of this award winning venue!

    little ginger & The Mermaid

  • let us give your promo the cinematic touch

    Big brands deserve the big screen

  • Do business, not boring!


    The little ginger team bring the same level of creativity and flair to corporate video production as they do to film, tv and commercials.

little ginger is an awesome film and video production company based in London.


A collective from across the creative industries.

We craft amazing film, live video, web, animation and other world class creative productions.

Our work includes high end film production, live web streaming, multi-camera event coverage, web and corporate video production.

Our clientele include major broadcasters and studios, record labels, small businesses and some of the biggest brands in the world.

What ever the scale of your next marketing or creative project we have the people, skills and resources to make your ideas fly!




Our services

We offer a wide range of creative services including (but not limited to):



Commercials, TV, Music Videos, Shorts, Art Films, Documentaries and High End Corporate.



Live concert and event recording and web streaming services.



Site design, marketing campaigns, virals.



“the little ginger team are at the top of their craft, producing stylish and passionate motion pictures for any audience and any screen.  Tell them your idea and watch them run with it”

When little ginger creates moving images that convey a story we call it a film.  Our films are always produced to an extremely high ‘cinematic’ standard. Whether its an interview for a corporate communication or a glossy TV commercial we apply the same level of production value.  We work with our clients through extensive pre-production meetings to identify and develop the real story.  We then convey this, applying exceptional artistry, technical skill and resources to every project.  We leave others to make videos, get in touch if your story is a film waiting to be made.





“to put our album launch concert online was one thing.  To have it streamed live from 10 cameras to an audience of 100,000 in full HD blew our minds, little ginger delivered something we didn’t imagine would be possible, certainly not for our budget” 

Broadcast your event, concert or show live to an international audience!  little ginger has unrivalled expertise in live multi-camera video production and web streaming in London and around the world.  Using the latest technology we can capture your whole event and produce amazing content to be distributed later or watched live by thousands at home via their computers, tablets and smart phones.  We can even broadcast your show to other venues such as cinemas, allowing you to sell even more tickets.  And with amazing sound and 4K video quality they will feel like they are right there with you.





“little ginger’s help with online media production enabled our new clothing brand to look as good online as it does to wear.  They acted like a hub bringing web designers, film producers and animators together to produce a site that visually just pops!”

Online ‘video’ is now the fastest growing area of advertising with content increasingly being designed specifically for viewing on small screens.  On the other hand that big screen short film will need a bespoke web experience built around it to have the same impact when its released online.  We’re experts in all things web, working with our clients across London and the UK on producing site design around moving images, viral campaigns, interactive video and vertical videos that fit the shape of a phone screen!